Cleaning your jewellery

We recommend the WKM cleaning products which are highly effective in bringing it back to life. 

There are several ways you can clean and maintain your Jewellery items. At DPI we recommend the WKM cleaning product range (Refer to our D&P section). This fantastic proven product includes specially formulated liquid dips and polishing cloths for both Sterling Silver and other precious metals. These are highly effective in removing tarnish and surface dirt from your jewellery, bringing it back to life.

Plating is a process where a layer of gold is placed on to coat the surface of another metal. 

As the jewellery is not 100% solid gold, extra care should be taken to maximise its life span. Please avoid contact with perfumes, chemicals and water environments to avoid colour fading and wear.

Please note – different types of jewellery should be cleaned using different methods. Please follow the specific instructions for best results using WKM products or contact any of our friendly staff for further advice.